Neuro580 Scope

1. Mental Health Spectrum
2. What are the problems N580 solves?
3. What part of MH does N580 Address?
4. Microsoft Human Factor Lab
NEURO580 Neuroscience

Traditional understanding and models for Mental Wellness are valid. These include Employee Assistance Programs, access to counselors/coaches, access to wellness technology/apps, access to physical programs like yoga, meditation and gyms, and other benefits program.

Neuro580 fully and unequivocally supports all efforts that are designed to help people. However, there are limitations with these traditional programs:

Neuro580 Results
  • Athletes

    230% increase in accuracy DARPA

  • Higher learning rates & outcomes

    200 - 500 % faster DARPA

  • Problem Solving

    40 percent increase R Australia

  • Overall productivity

    2 - 5 x more McKinsey

  • Innovation

    Massively amplified creativity. 6 to 8 times more creative. FG Project.

There is not a universal easy-to-adopt language within an organization to accurately describe the brain, Mental Health/Wellness, which makes it unnecessarily harder to diagnose the right problem leading to accumulated stress during the workday

Many traditional programs require time either outside of the work day (structure) and are not integrated into the schedules/events of the workday itself where stress is generated and accumulated through the course of the day

Stress and all its sister labels neurologically is

Higher QUANTITY of Brain Waves
Presence of higher INTENSITY (Hz) of Brain Waves

Therefore, lack of stress is LOWER quantity and intensity of brain waves. Regrettably, there is no job/role without stress as all roles require performance of problem solving, collaboration and innovation. Worse, no life is immune of stress as our lives require us to be good spouses, parents, friends, neighbors, citizens etc. Elimination of stress is an unrealistic human condition. However, having a language and tools to constantly, through the course of every work day, individually and communally, conveniently and quickly, lower quantity and intensity of brain waves (stress) is actually very realistic. This skill is the ultimate ‘gift that keeps giving’ as the same language and tools can be used outside of work in personal lives.