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Here, we delve deep into the challenges and opportunities that modern work environments present, offering thought-provoking content designed to inspire, educate, and empower both employers and employees alike.


Episode 1 of Chasing 10Hz- Michael Phelps
Episode 2: 4-1-1 Sleep Neurohack

This episode we will dive into the importance and advantages of sleep. Dr. Justice will also share a Sleep Neurohack that will help you fall asleep quicker while storing positive experiences throughout the day.

Episode 3 Chasing 10Hz- Brain at Work

This episode we discuss why Chasing 10Hz is crucial during everyones work day. We are all able to efficiently access past experiences, memories, work, etc… to maximize performance during our work day when we are in the 10Hz zone.

Episode 4 Brain Vs Technique Jeff Smith Final

We welcome PGA Coach Jeff Smith @radargolfpro to Chasing 10Hz. This episode we discuss Brain vs Technique. We look into Jeff Smith’s brain as a world class instructor and see how he utilizes his coaching skills to help his players get to 10Hz.

Episode 5: Neuro Power of Thank You

We look into another Neurohack, The Power of Thank You.

Episode 6: Neuro Collaboration

Neurohacking your brain to optimize future collaborations.

Episode 7 Coming Soon


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