Neuro580 PROGRAM

The Neuro580 program is based on these 5 Principles:


The most important variable to manage each day is therefore the state of your brain – just ONE key daily variable.

The FIRST part of every problem is always to shift the brain to Green. This will not make the problem go away but it will increase your capacity to resolve it.

Negative stimuli are not neurologically equivalent to positive stimuli. It can take as many as 5 positive ones to dilute the impact of 1 negative one.

The most underutilized asset we already have is our past positive experiences.

Neuro580 has 3 pilllars

A simple accurate individual and communal daily brain language

Easy-to-use scientifically-validated neuro hacking tools mostly taking 5-30 seconds that significantly lower quantity and intensity (stress) of brain waves throughout the workday

The concept of “GameTime” where about 2 events are chosen each day where you want to be your best (80% – Green) and use tools before, during, and after those GameTimes.

There are 2 parts to the Neuro580 Program

A 60-minutes online modular learning program.

Usage of the EQ Health App during the course of the day for customized neuro-hacking tools especially for GameTimes.

60-Minute NEURO 580 Program

This program can be loaded into any company LMS system for tracking and measurements. It can be taken online or on any cell phone. There are 5 short modules (5-15 minutes) with a short quiz after each one.

Module 1

Why take this course?

In this Module, compelling data is shared on why we need to understand why most human beings have saturated brains based on an abundance of personal and shared experiences. These saturated brain challenge our ability to focus, manage stress and perform in high stress experiences.  A case is made for why Neuro580 is a program that can impact both your professional and personal life.

Module 1 objectives:


The mind wanders 65% of the time


The average EEG (Brain Activity) of a person today is the equivalent of a Schizophrenic patient from the 1940s


90% employees say their workplace stress affects their mental health

Module 2


Everyone has a brain. It is a tool used at all times yet there is little understanding of this powerful organ. You should not have to be a Neuroscientist to understand your brain and use it to your advantage. Dr. Justice and his team have created a simple but still accurate language to use in everyday life. 

Module 2 objectives:

The human brain is in constant flux with every experience it is processing. The brain we have at the start of each day is not the brain we have throughout the day and certainly not at the end of the day.


Green (80%), Yellow (40%) and Red (5%) are the states of the brain that the brain is guaranteed to be in each day. Percentages reflect approximate functionality.


There is no avoiding workplace and life challenges but those challenges can be easier to solve if you FIRST neuro-hack your brain to green. 

Module 3

Neuro-Hacking Language & Tools

In this module, you will learn the concepts of Gametime. It is impossible and unrealistic to be green at all times but learning to label events in your daily schedule where you have to be your best, your Gametime, and then neuro-hacking your brain before, during and after your gametime can be a … game-changer. 

Module 3 objectives:


On average it takes 5 positive experiences to dilute 1 negative one. You will learn to inventory your past positive experiences to use in those limited-time pre-game and gametime situations. 


Several neuro-hacking tools are sharing in this module with videos and descriptions of all of them. All can be used in 60 seconds or less with no equipment needed putting your brain in green (80%) for up to 20 minutes per hack. 


You will learn about Emotional Accounting so that you can make deposits after work but before home/bed time to balance your brain.

Module 4

EQ Healthcare App

In this very short module, you will learn how to best use the EQ Healthcare app integrated into your workday. 

Module 4 Objectives:


The app will inventory your positive memories/pictures and combine with neuro-hacks to let you get to Green (80%) wherever you are and no matter the situation. 


The app will let you set daily/hourly reminders to check on the state of your brain and then quickly make deposits so that stress is not accumulated through the course of the day. 


The app will give you a language to use outside of work as you have the same brain in personal challenges. 

Module 5

Three case studies are presented that reflect typical work and personal challenges. The recommendations made can be used in a wide-variety of similar circumstances. 

  • Case Study 1: Give Feedback to others
  • Case Study 2:  Challenges with your significant other
  • Case Study 3: Mental Fatigue towards end of work day/week