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Results & Proof

Dive into real-world examples that highlight how our program has not only reduced workplace stress but also fostered environments where employees thrive. 


Our Data

The evidence is clear: investing in the mental well-being of your workforce is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Let the results speak for themselves and discover how Neuro580 can be the catalyst for positive change in your organization.


Neurohack Results

Discover the proof behind our mission to revolutionize mental health in the workplace, and see for yourself why Neuro580 is the solution organizations trust to enhance their most valuable asset: their people.

An independent 3rd Party Study conducted by BlueberryX confirmed the positive impact Neurohacks have on Flow Sate. Flow Sate represents total change in absorption of 850nm wavelength pulsation based on a sensor being placed near the left temple. A larger percentage value translates to more blood ‘flow’ activity in a fixed period time, including heart rate, respiratory rate, and localized arterial pressure (Mayer Wave).


Peer Reviewed Articles and Data

This collection of peer-reviewed articles strongly supports providing during-workday breaks with powerful benefits of such breaks. Traditional breaks are time-activity centered; Neuro580 breaks are cognitive-centered that take seconds.

The impact of within-day work breaks on daily recovery processes: An event-based pre-/post-experience sampling study

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

Research Proves Your Brain Needs Breaks

Work Trend Index Special Report

Effects of active microbreaks on the physical and mental well-being of office workers: A systematic review


Cognitive fatigue in young, middle-aged, and older: Breaks as a way to recover

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